Видео: My Singing Monsters - How To Use Composer Island

Making Music With My Singing Monsters Composer

I used the My Singing Monsters Composer phone app to make a couple of beats. Get the app (iOS) - https://apple.co/2NzlvGo Get ...

My Singing Monsters Composer app - What You Need To Know!!!


My Singing Monsters: Composer - Let’s Make A Song Using the Keyboard!

One of the new features of MSM Composer is the keyboard, but is it even worth it? CHECK OUT MY VERY FIRST SONG USING ...

My Singing Monsters| BAD GUY!! (Tutorial)

WOW. Bad guy got a lot of views and likes thanks guys! It's only fair that I make a tutorial for you! Let me know what song I should ...

Notes for Fire Haven (MSM Composer)

I'll timestamp in a comment.

My Singing Monsters-Composer Island-How to make Megalovania

This was a request Friend code: 60478069EL.

Making Music with My Singing Monsters Composer #2

I used the My Singing Monsters Composer phone app to make a song, again. Get the app (iOS) - https://apple.co/2NzlvGo Get the ...

My Singing Monsters| HAPPIER!! (Tutorial)

I slowed the tempo down a little so it'll be easier to follow along. Hope this helps!

FADED TUTORIAL (Part 1)- My Singing Monsters Composer

Check out my first ever tutorial! A lot of people have been requesting a tutorial for Faded for a while now but I've been putting it off ...

My singing monsters Composer island despacito tutorial!!!

Stay tuned and subscribe for more tutorials comment below what song!!

Megalovania - My Singing Monsters Composer Tutorial (How to compose easily)

Undertale - Megalovania the original song by Toby Fox from the game Undertale (which I can't complete to see the end) This ...

Tutorial - Lucid Dreams (Composer Island) [READ DESCRIPTION]

This was a highly requested video, luckily I didn't delete the monsters yet. For now on I will only be doing tutorials on future songs.

Ethereal Dance! - All Ethereal monsters are now in My Singing Monsters Composer App new update v1.2

Conduct an orchestra of cute musical Monsters from the hit game My Singing Monsters! Each Monster is packed with personality ...

My Singing Monsters - The Making of My Singing Monsters

In this clip from our 24 hour Extra Life live stream, The Big Blue Bubble team discusses their favorite parts of making My ...

My Singing Monsters - Plant Island (Composer Island)

Plant Island On Composer Island! (Without The Werdos) All monster sounds: ...

How to compose Spooky Halloween Song on Composer Island - My Singing Monsters

Learn how to compose Spooky Halloween song by Bay Yolal via using My Singing Monsters game's Composer island freely by ...

Loading Theme (Composer Island) - My Singing Monsters

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnavoidG4mer.

Bone Island but in My Singing Monsters Composer

Ngl this is my new favourite Magical Island Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jakethedrake_209_yt/ Discord Server: ...

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